Social Responsibility

Our vision of sustainability in all our activities becomes an opportunity for positive change to society, to share with our various stakeholders, knowledge and attitudes that support a good citizen behavior.

We know that the products and services that we offer do not themselves generate development, which is why we need people and institutions that have the skills and attitudes required therefore Cusco Peru Adventure works with KINDNESS IN A BOX Foundation from EE.UU supporting in the social work carried out by this organization in our village of Maras as the following programs:

– School supplies program at the beginning of the school classrooms

– School lunch program in 05 poor villages of Maras, Kacllaraccay, Misminay, Mullacas, Chequerec and Mahuaypampa.

– Green vegetables program teaching and working with the students in the villages of Kacllaraccay to do it we use the big Green house of Kindness in a Box foundation.

– Teenager program, we work with 40 teenagers,  teaching English, business ideas, cooking classrooms, playing with smart toys, painting etc. etc. All this nice program in the Kindness Center of Kacllaraccay and future in Mullacas villages.

– Sports activity like Athletics, football, etc.

– Christmas Party, for this special day we meet all the students from the 05 villages to celebrate together in the big Kindness Center of Kacllaraccay giving toys, cakes, hot drinks, jokers etc.

To do possible all this wonderful programs, Maras Adventure offers the new VOLUNTEERS program so our costumer can mix theirs tours working in any programs and also you can have the opportunity to bring some gifts in your suitcase to give directly to our children, like used shoes, caps, jackets, toys, school supplies etc. anything will be very welcome and you can work with Cusco Peru  Adventure company in different social programs that we do in the neediest communities of Maras.

Reasons why we present these images that are worth a thousand words, hoping to have all the support from everyone and to meet our established goals:

  • Promote ethical conduct of the people in the villages of Maras
  • Developing People especially in their educations
  • Promoting Insurance Behaviors of the child in Maras
  • Manage to avoid environmental impacts with the local governments of Maras
  • We establish relationships of trust with our stakeholders
Social Work in Maras