for seo – Experiential Tourism in Peru | Experienced Based Tourism in Mullakas Misminay | Book your Best Experience in this site, plus Maras Moray, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

Experiential Tourism in Peru | Experienced Based Tourism in Mullakas Misminay | Book your Best Experience in this site, plus Maras Moray, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

 Book with us your Experiential tourism in Cusco Peru in the nice comunity of Mullacas Misminay, that is located near the archaeological sites of Maras Moray in the Sacred Valley, In Mullakas Misminay, experienced based tourism allows visitors to actively participate in various activities, such as traditional weaving workshops, culinary tours, hiking expeditions, and cultural ceremonies, this ensures an engaging and memorable vacation that not only offers entertainment but also contributes to the preservation of local traditions and economic development of the community. Over the years it was possible to strengthen and enrich the community as a tourist destination, which is currently considered one of the best rural community tourism in the Sacred Valley. Experienced Based Tourism in Mullakas Misminay offers unique opportunities for travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions of this vibrant community, by participating in various experiences and activities, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the rich heritage and way of life in Mullakas Misminay, this tourism approach allows for direct engagement with the local community, fostering a meaningful exchange that benefits both the visitors and the residents. Whether it’s learning traditional weaving techniques, exploring the breathtaking landscapes, or taking part in cultural ceremonies, tourists can expect an authentic and enriching experience in Mullakas Misminay. Cusco Peru Adventure provides ample opportunities for hiking and nature exploration, allowing visitors to admire the stunning scenery and learn about the local flora and fauna, cultural ceremonies and celebrations provide a glimpse into the vibrant cultural identity of Mullakas Misminay


You can prepare a typical dish together with local inputs and the mud kitchen. You will learn to use a stone mortar and when you mixing you will feel the smells of fresh inputs from a traditional sauce.


With the guidance of their local farmers, you will learn techniques and use of ancestral tools to work the land, which are still used today.


A short walk on the donkey is a traditional way they use to move from one place to another place


We walk 40 minutes approx. and You will enjoy a privileged view of the community and its mountains to the natural viewpoint where you will see Moray, unique for its circular terraces.


The Women give us a demonstration on the ancient weaving techniques as the backstrap loom. They use natural dyes with local plants to color their wool spun by hand, while normally go shepherding their animals.


Pachamanca is a typical dish of the Peruvian Andes. Our members will explain the preparation of this dish from the time of the Inca Empire and it was prepared only in rituals of thanks to Mother Earth.


Andean bricks, called adobes and made from the Inca times to build the houses. It is interesting to approach this little industrialized world and know the process of making bricks by hand with natural materials that are strong enough to withstand the rains.