Welcome to Cusco Peru Adventure

Peru adventure provides services and products of highest quality in the business of tourism to all the people of the world. Cusco Peru adventure is a local travel company and we operate directly the traditional tours in the ancestral lands of the inka culture of Cusco Peru.

The staff of Cusco Peru Adventure are from the same city of Cusco Peru so we are a credited as the most experienced and knowledgeable operating the different tourist attractions of Cusco Peru, especially the 7 wonders of the world Machu Picchu .

Our staff are trained to use appropriate methods  to operate the different expeditions and adventure  in Cusco Peru providing  safety in addition to their knowledgeable about this mystical lands of the inkas of Cusco Peru and Machu Picchu.

Volunteer During Your Visit to Peru and Spend Time With the Quechua Children of Maras

Cusco Peru Adventure partners with the USA non-profit charity Kindness In A Box (KIAB) to support the education, health and well-being of the Quechua children of Maras. KIAB and  Cusco Peru Adventure offer you the opportunity to volunteer by…

  • Teaching English to the Teens at the KIAB Kindness Center
  • Serving Food to the children in the KIAB School Lunch Program
  • Planting vegetables in the KIAB Greenhouse for the children to eat to combat malnourishment and stunting
  • Distribute school supplies to the pre-schools of Maras
  • Playing games and sports with the school children at the KIAB Kindness Centers located in Kacllaraccay and Mullacas.
“It was the best trip I’ve ever taken! Experiencing the Machu Picchu Expedition tours, seeing historical Cusco and volunteering at the Kindness Center was wonderful.”